Slate (musclegirl69) wrote,

Not that it matters, but yesssss.......

How the fricken way is this possible?

I'm getting smaller, but I'm so fucking heavy.

Can I really be packing on muscle while increasing the cardio like I am?

How many 170 pound women can do 3 miles in 30-35 minutes?
Yes, I'm 170 pounds. I honestly thought I was 150, because the last time I wore a size 12, I was 150 pounds. I'm still losing weight and my speed is still increasing when I run.

I think I need to go back to college and figure out the human body more. Then again I think I am unusual anyways.

I went to the doctor last week and got weighed. I was so shocked and embarrassed at how high the number was on the scale. OMG!!! 170!!!! AHHHHhhhh!!! Oh wait. I'm still in size 12's, so no problem...right?

Well I hope to get down to a size 8. I'll see what I weigh then. I'm damned curious now. Aren't you?
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