Slate (musclegirl69) wrote,

Okay-here is an update

It's raining, but at least there wasn't a bad thunderstorm that knocked out my power. I like having power. Then again, don't we all??

Funniest thing today, my 14 month old chased me down for my salad. I could only give him the chicken in it, he doesn't have the teeth to grind up the lettuce yet.

The big kids and I made rock candy last night. We are being all scientific about it and recording dates, times, and observations of the experiement every 12 hours. I'm thinking of running over to the mall of america with them this evening to get some rock candy from the candy store there. Then they can at least see what we are going for. Right now they don't really know what rock candy is. They don't really eat candy and pastry hostess style stuff ever. I mean they know what some candy bars and stuff are called from seeing commercials or seeing it at someone elses house, but we try to live a healthy lifestyle. They get candy once in a while, just not everyday. I still don't allow them to drink any sort of soda. No type 2 diabetes on my watch. Just walking into a candy store gives me a sugar rush and a canker sore.

Still working out, just focusing on weight loss. 15 pounds to go till pre-baby weight. Then after that I have another 15-20pounds to get rid of. I'm still breastfeeding so 2 pounds of my weight is there. Nice to have C-cups for a while. I know after I lose all the weight I'll be back to an A-cup once again. Then I'll be able to jog comfortably. Right now bouncing hurts, yes I try wearing two sports bras and it still hurts, probably because of the milk and the flucuating weight of the breasts throughout the day.

I have to workout at 2pm today. YIPPY!!!
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