Slate (musclegirl69) wrote,

damn stored bodyfat

Okay, for the most part I'm a positive person, but the mirrors at the gym were so mean to me last night. My upper body looks good and solid, got the V shape, good muscle definition popping up and then there is my huge ass. Okay yes it is that time of month and I have extra water weight, but dammit, that is where my body stores all the fat. The hips and butt. I know that soon my body will notice all the food I eat and exercise and decide to get rid of the fat. I know this, I do this after each pregnancy, it is just frustrating waiting for it to happen. Anyways tonight is leg night and my legs are in for it.

Other than that I have been having great workouts, my eating is on track. My upper body is looking good, now I just need the lower body to quit being stubborn.
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